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How to Explain Sensitive Matters to a Child

Children are the most precious gifts on earth, and their experiences are joyful, magical, and unforgettable. It is important to also talk about their feelings and emotions, most especially for difficult matters to handle such as death, cancer, divorce, sex, and driving while intoxicated. How do you explain these sensitive issues to a child? How do you use effective methods to talk to your child at an acceptable level? Have you ever assessed your own self about your ideas and perception on these serious subjects? In this article, we’ll be sharing some insights on how you can effectively and comfortably talk about these matters to a child.

Death is a challenging subject to discuss because no one really knows what happen after death. You can talk about the different stages of dying and process of grieving, but afterlife matters are challenging to explain. Scientifically, you can attack questions about death using analogy, such as a broken mirror that can’t be fixed, or a dried out plant that will eventually die and decay. You can incorporate preventive measures such as eating nutritious food and exercising to preserve health and avoid illness, and being extra careful to prevent accidents that may lead to a person’s death. Enlighten your children about the different causes of death such as drowning, acute or chronic illness, car accidents, slips and falls, and even old age.

Cancer plays a huge part in dicussing death, but not all cancers are terminal. Teach your child about the different types of cancer that may affect children and adults such as leukemia. It can be alarming and horrible for children discussing death and cancer so use lighter words as much as possible instead of vulgar or negative words. Sex is a sensitive matter, and children begin to wonder how they were created. Children are vulnerable to sex because of what they see online, on social media, and talked among their peers, and children often want to get some validation from their parents by asking questions. It is a good idea starting talking about the basic anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system in a way that suits child’s intellectual and maturity level.

Drinking while intoxicated involves teenagers, so children must be taught that having a DUI violation may require using a monitech device before driving. Teach your child to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

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