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What to do when Faced with a ISP Subpoena Lawsuit.

Due to the widespread of the internet, it is now easy to catch your favorite TV series and movies online. You can either choose to stream them live or to download them. Downloads, however, are illegal and unethical as they carry serious punishment.

Independent films and pornographic studios may sue the defendant for their actions of infringing the copyright. The plaintiff would issue the ‘subpoena’ to your internet service provider with the aim of getting your true identity.

If you decide to ignore this notice, you should know that your ISP will go ahead and release your information to the plaintiff. If you let things to escalate and you don’t take action, the court may enter a default judgment against you. when this happens, then you will owe money to the plaintiff.

When the default judgment is entered against you, it may become legally enforceable. The court may decide to seek the services of a debt collection agency to collect money from you. When this happens, your credit rating is usually at stake.

Under the United States copyright law, people are expressly prohibited from copying a copyrighted work without the permission from the owner or through means that are allowed by the law. The lawsuit is aimed to establish that you copied and shared copyrighted work without permission.

When the plaintiff sues you, your internet service provider will contact you to tell you about the request they have received that asks them to release your information. Since the plaintiff doesn’t have your identity, you will be referred to as ‘John Does.’ If you don’t want to be identified, you can file a motion that will ask the court to dismiss or block these charges against you. You are advised to file this motion without revealing your identity. This process is complicated, and you are always advised to seek the assistance of an experienced ISP Subpoena Defense lawyer.

Due to delay or any other case, your information might have been released and is available to the plaintiff, and this is when you hire a serious BitTorrent defense attorney.

Where do you find a lawyer?

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