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Portable Green Screens: Everything You Need to Know

When you think about video production, you imagine cameras, lighting, expensive sets, and complicated software. However, one of the most underrated ways to give your videos a boost is to use a portable green screen. A new twist on an old technology, these items allow you to use any background you like in your videos, regardless of your filming location. Their simplicity is one of their best features; all that’s required of you is to be in front of the screen as you film. Later, software can be used to replace the green background with the image or video you select.

When Choosing a Green Screen, Make it Portable

Whether you’re looking for a webcam background or a backdrop for a large, expensive set, try to keep it portable. It’s not too difficult to find a portable screen if you shop around a little. If you find yourself needing to film at a moment’s notice in a poorly lit or otherwise difficult location, having your green screen with you will definitely come in handy.

Added Flexibility

Another aspect you shouldn’t underestimate is the flexibility that these screens add. One way to appreciate the advantages is to consider how difficult and expensive manual set creation is, and how much simpler a green screen would make cinematography in many cases. In a matter of speaking, you are essentially able to add more locations to your video. As an added bonus, you can do all of that without leaving your current venue. You also save yourself the hassle of needing to arrange trips to various spots just to find a different backdrop.

They’re Easy on Your Budget

Everyone wants to keep their budget down without sacrificing quality. While this seems impossible at times, using a portable green screen is one of the few places that this can be accomplished, as long as it is used skilfully. A common goal is to shoot the same video with more than one background. In this case, a green screen will save untold amounts of time as well. It’s hard to overstate how annoying it is to have to film the same action in multiple places. You also avoid the difficulty of reproducing the exact conditions more than once. There are countless other potential issues that are prevented in advance by using a green screen, including troublesome weather, traffic, and special events that cause crowding.

Green Screens Make it Easy to Be Consistent

Continuity issues are a notorious problem in filming, and this is another place where green screens shine. This is especially problematic in videos that require multiple settings. If regularity is important to your video, it is often very difficult to keep elements of your setting uniform in more than one venue. Lighting is another area that is aided by these screens. It will be easy to edit parts of the scene after the fact if needed.

Portable screens will simply make your job easier on a number of levels. When you use them with the right mindset, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your work without reducing its quality.
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